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Promoting the Healthy Organisation

The major objective of the United Kingdom Forum is to work towards humanising the workplace, which means valuing people and their potential for creativity and growth, so that the organisation and the individuals who represent its most valuable resource can benefit. We aim to promote the initiation and development of strategies which will lead to healthier organisations.

The Forum provides the opportunity for all those with an interest in organisational health - including occupational health professionals, management and human resource personnel, doctors, nurses, psychologists and counsellors - to meet together to discuss current issues of interest on a regular basis.

The Forum also provides an informal network of professionals who can offer specialist knowledge and collaboration in project work. in addition to support and guidance. Activities include a regular programme of evening talks on topics of interest to Forum members, occasional daytime seminars and workshops, an annual dinner and newsletters giving information of Forum meetings, news about members' activities and other events of interest.

UKFOH Meetings

The final meeting of 2012 will be held at the Capio Hospital, Marylebone, London starting at 18.30 hrs. See the Events page for further details.

International Forum for Organisational Health

The Forum is affiliated to the International Forum for Organisational Health (IFOH), sharing with its European colleagues a commitment to the development of psycho-social health both of organisations and the individuals within them. Annual meetings of IFOH Board Members are usually held in London since the last major conference in Oslo.

IFOH conference, Oslo

Delegates at the IFOH Conference in Oslo.

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