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Membership is open to everyone with an interest in Occupational Health and developing happier, healthier and more effective organisations.

UKFOH members

Members include doctors, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, managers, employee representatives and human resources personnel. Some work in organisations. Others provide services to organisations and individuals. Some are students, lecturers or researchers. Others are retired managers with an ongoing interest in positive attitudes to work and high quality relationships between management and staff.

Membership Categories and Fees

Membership fees for 2013 are as follows:

Category Annual Fee
Individual member £10
Group / Company £100

Membership application, renewal or enquiries

If you would like to join the Forum, or to attend a UKFOH meeting as a guest before deciding whether to join, please complete the form below, then copy and paste it into an Email to the UKFOH Secretary . OR print it and post to the following address with a cheque for your subscription.

The Secretary - UKFOH
43 Pemberton Road
East Molesey,
Surrey KT8 9LG

UKFOH Membership application, renewal or enquiry Form
Either: I would like to join the UK Forum for Organisational Health (please tick Membership Category)
Individual member (£10)  
Group or Corporate membership (£100)  

OR I would like to attend a UKFOH meeting as a Guest

Contact Details
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Work profile relevant to UKFOH
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