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This section is being developed to record UKFOH programmes in recent years. This is an opportunity to thank past speakers and other organisations we have worked with. It also illustrates the variety of topics that have been of interest to UKFOH members.

Where available we may include summaries of topics discussed.

Tuesday 3
December 2002
 Cup Half Full or Half Empty?
Sarah Veale, Senior Employment Rights Officer, TUC
Friends House
24 January 2003
 Annual Dinner: Guest Speaker Rob Briner
Senior Lecturer in Occupational Psychology
Birkbeck College, London
The George, Southwark
6 March 2003
 Collective competence:
Can sport and music inform business?

Dr Tim Mills, Research Fellow in Strategic Human Resource Management, Caranfield
andFlexible working - can business benefit
as well as employees?
Keith Davis, Assistant Chief Executive,
London Borough of Merton
16 April 2003
 Advancing the position of women at work
- What works?

Fiona Neathey, Principal Research Fellow,
Institute for Employment Research
Friends House

3rd December 2002: 'Cup Half Full or Half Empty? - Sarah Veale

Are employees exploited at work? Or are employers tied up with too much regulation and red tape? The Government has introduced the National Minimum Wage, paid annual holidays and better maternity rights. Is that enough or do we need more?

Sarah Veale gave us a fascinating review of the changing role of Unions in the UK over the past 30+ years and to recent trends in employment and in employee welfare issues. She is senior employment rights officer at the trades union congress where she has worked since 1985. For the past seven years she has been involved in the development of TUC policy on employment law. She has been responsible for co-ordinating TUC activities in relation to the introduction of the Employment Relations Act 1999 and wrote the TUC Guide to the Act.

Before working in the employment law section, Sarah was responsible for the TUCs work on health service issues and was Secretary to the TUCs Health Services Committee. She also represented the TUC on the former Government's 'Health of the Nation' Task Force. Her stimulating presentation stirred a keen discussion. Thank you Sarah.

24 January 2003 UKFOH Annual Dinner

Our guest speaker at the 2003 Annual Diner was Dr Rob Briner. Rob, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Psychology at Birkbeck College, London and is well known for his innovative views on the subject of stress. The last time he spoke at a Forum meeting his theme was 'Organisational Stress as a modern Myth.' His 2003 theme was 'Is Occupational Stress worth taking seriously?'. His presentation was entertaining, thought provoking and much appreciated.


Our theme for 2004/2005 was Tools of the Trade - an opportunity for members to share different perspectives on professional practice and research.

The first meeting was on Monday 29th March 2005 in London. We welcomed a guest from Nottingham University who told us about a new research project seeking indicators for work place stress. There was an active discussion and we look forward to further news about this project. Then Chair Dai Williams gave a presentation illustrating some of the tools and techniques used in Occupational Psychology. He showed a variety of psychometric exercises and other activities used for clients coping with stress and change through work and non-work factors. Several examples of the need for interdisciplinary referral e.g. with GP's and Occupational Health practitioners were discussed.

The following event heard the experiences and topical issues from some of our Occupational Health Physician members.

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